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Title: Somewhere Beyond the Sea
Genre: slice of life, adventure, comedy
Status: Ongoing

Hana's brother is missing. His scientist coworkers believe he must have been eaten by the technicolor albino kraken while researching it 3 hours ago. But Hana belives he's still alive because it takes 24 hours for the kraken to digest food. So begins an oceanic adventure to save her brother filled with aquatic zombies, fun science facts, and talks of a day of perfect meals.

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Title: A Little Irony
Genre: romance, comedy, slice of life, reverse harem
Status: Complete

Cori Xiabala feels like a lesbian trapped in a terrible reverse harem but that's because she is. It doesn't help that everyone around her is trying to ship her with these guys who find her irresistible. But one day she meets a caterer at a party who is attracted to her--thing is everyone around her are none to pleased with this development. What's a girl to do.

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